About Aniguage
  • A Japanese Anime and Manga lover who wants to learn Japanese while having fun.
  • Aiming at learning "Real-life Japanese" through chatting with Japanese people.
  • Wishing to use Japanese to talk about Anime, Manga and Idol.
  • Looking for an easy way to learn Japanese online with your free time.

This is the perfect Japanese online lesson service for you!

How to start a Lesson
  1. 1. Lesson Reservation

    We have teachers ranges from qualified professionals to Anime freaks. Let's choose the perfect teacher that suits your hobbies and purposes.

  2. 2. Prepare your Skype

    You will receive a Skype contact request from the teacher you reserved before the lesson begins. Please add your teacher to your Skype contacts in advance.

  3. 3. Lesson start!

    When the lesson time approaches, you will get a Skype call from your teacher. You may request a proper Japanese grammar and vocabulary class, or have fun and feel free to talk about your favourite topics including Anime and Manga.

  4. 4. Get a report

    As the lesson finished, you will receive an one-point advice from your teacher, together with a report for you to revise the vocabulary and expressions that came across during the lesson.

Popular Lesson

Business Japanese that You can use from tomorrow!/Rena Sensei

We will have fun lessons in order to be able to use in free talk and business!
Business documents / how to write an Email, etc.

Japanese lessons learned with comic phrases ~ beginners welcome~!/Ryo Sensei

Learn Japanese while having fun talking about your favorite Anime and Manga!

let's talk about Music,Manga and Japanese Culture !/Kenji Sensei

Let's talk deeply in Japanese about favorite music ,manga and Japanese culture!

Let's talk with us!
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