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あなたはなぜ、日本語を学んでいるのですか? Vol.1(ロシア出身 サーシャさんの場合)

英語・スペイン語、中国語といった言語に比べると、日本語はマイナーであり、かつ比較… Continue Reading →

Why are you learning Japanese? Vol.1(Sasha from Russia)

Comparing with the main stream languages… Continue Reading →

Online Japanese lessons for Anime lovers “Aniguage” is released!

Online Japanese lessons for Anime lovers… Continue Reading →

Report on ANIME GOTCHA!!

March 31th,2017 @Garage Akihabara, Tokyo… Continue Reading →

Is there really a place that I can talk with the girls who are aiming at Anime voice actor? Let’s go and check!

In Japan, one of the criteria of watchin… Continue Reading →

Do the maid-san in Akihabara like Japanese animation? Let’s hear their real voice!

Visiting “Maid cafe Pinafore&#8221… Continue Reading →

Comiket Feature! Part-6 “Pick up Cosplayer”-“Kosuzu Rabi”-

  We introduce “Kosuzu Rabi(小… Continue Reading →

Comic Market(C91)feature Part-5 ! We introduce “Hazuki”!

Comic Market(C91) feature Part-5! We int… Continue Reading →

Comic Market(C91) feature Part-4 ! “Pick up Cosplayer”-Yumi Suzuhara-

Comic Market(C91) feature Part-4 ! &#822… Continue Reading →

[Comic Market Special Feature,Part-3] Comic Market Feature Part-3 introduce you the Cosplay Area of Comic Market 91 (C91) !

Please see how many layers and photograp… Continue Reading →

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